A Few of Her Favorite Things: Mom Edition

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday so I wanted to put together a little list of some of her favorite things. It’s always a good test of how you well you know someone (and my mom and I are very close). Happy Birthday Mom! Some of her favorite things: Cheese, Iced Coffee, Chocolate, and Wine She has pretty good taste in food, I must say! We … Continue reading A Few of Her Favorite Things: Mom Edition

Obsessive Gift Givers Unite

I know gift giving is allegedly super easy in this age of e-gift cards and worldwide shipping. I know thank you notes are rare (though still essential in my book) and most gifts go unreciprocated. But I still spend inordinate amounts of time choosing gifts for my dearest friends and family. Call me old fashioned, but I enjoy choosing something I know people will love … Continue reading Obsessive Gift Givers Unite

Sweet 16

Today is my little sister’s birthday and she’s turning 16! She’s at camp for five weeks so we had to purchase her gift far in advance (mail service in rural pennsylvania is not great). A camp gift is hard to find because you can’t use a lot at camp. A fancy purse, fine jewelry, or any technology is kind of out of the question. After … Continue reading Sweet 16