Obsessive Gift Givers Unite

I know gift giving is allegedly super easy in this age of e-gift cards and worldwide shipping. I know thank you notes are rare (though still essential in my book) and most gifts go unreciprocated.

But I still spend inordinate amounts of time choosing gifts for my dearest friends and family. Call me old fashioned, but I enjoy choosing something I know people will love and seriously observe my friends for months to see if they need a new iphone case/wallet/pair of earrings for their special day.

It just so happens that my entire family was born in the summer. As well as many of my close friends. Here are some of the best gifts I’ve found recently.


These are eco-friendly, customized notebooks for under $20! You can even get a monogram. They’re so cute and unique and come in adorable packing. This is perfect for someone you know very well (so you know her monogram and favorite colors). My sister (whose birthday gifts were another saga) and I made them for our mom (and ourselves) for mother’s day and I just ordered one for a close friend’s birthday. The website is super easy to use and their blog has tons of adorable suggestions.

Hello, new obsession. #maybooks

Etsy prints-

I was scared of Etsy for a good, long time. I’ve never used ebay and it seemed very similar and daunting. I didn’t know how to find quality products or how the service would be. Finally, I got over myself and made an account. I loved how the first thing you do is take a taste quiz-it really make the recommendations better. I also loved the feedback and reviews from past customers, it made me feel much better about ordering. I’ve so far ordered a poster and a flask. I’m worried to order jewelry but will cross that hurdle eventually. It’s so much fun to browse the site and see new creative gifts.

Prints are my favorite because they’re unique, easy to ship, and spice up the dorm rooms that my friends inhabit. Most of us move every couple of months and a print is easy to move. Decorating the walls goes a long way to making a dorm feel homey.

Aldari Art Studio has great prints and many cost just $18. I love the idea of choosing one or two that remind you of your friend.

I cannot listen to this song without crying
What a sweet dahlia!

Amanda Catherine Designs is another favorite.

How sweet is this for a transient student?


Hairbrained Schemes 

how I can relate…
Also true…

These three shops all have very positive feedback but remember to allow extra time for shipping with etsy. We’re talking artists, not people with commercial shipping networks.

What are your favorite gifts for your friends? Is there a feeling better than knowing you’ve chosen the perfect gift? Get at me.

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