In the Bag(gu)

Don’t you love when you’re a little bit ahead of the curve? You know the feeling. Someone from your high school started a website that made it big, your college roommate goes to the Olympics (fun fact: look out for mine in 2016), your neighbor’s cousin has 10,000 twitter followers. In this case, I’m talking about Baggu, the fairly ubiquitous reusable nylon totes. They’re gaining … Continue reading In the Bag(gu)

I Never Thought I Could Wear THAT: Stripes on Stripes

Last friday, I woke up with plenty of time to wear something nice. I had a dress in mind (the striped one I got last week in the Madewell Sale) but needed something else. I needed to take this dress from casual weekend to office friendly. So what did I add, you ask? MORE STRIPES. I know this is crazy and probably against lots of … Continue reading I Never Thought I Could Wear THAT: Stripes on Stripes

Working Girl

If you have a summer internship that pays money, you are very lucky. If you have one with airconditioning, you’re fortunate. If you have one you can wear pajamas to, I envy you enormously. I would never wear pajamas outside of the house but I’d still like some comfort. My summertime uniform emphasizes cotton, shorts, light oxfords, and flip flops. Blouses and flats can be … Continue reading Working Girl