Quick Links: Kate Spade Surprise Sale

Hello everyone! I’m back from Cornell after an interminable bus ride that involved a minor car accident and some crying children (unrelated). I had a great time with my friend and can’t wait to post pictures. First things first, I need to inform you of a Kate Spade surprise sale with huge discounts. The selection is hardly fab (hello, they need to clear out some … Continue reading Quick Links: Kate Spade Surprise Sale

Mobile Medicine Cabinet

My next decade or so will likely be spent moving in and out of different apartments, cities, and sublets. It’s hard to find a balance between setting up a real home and moving fairly often. One of the best parts about coming home (to your established childhood home, that is) is a well stocked medicine cabinet. It’s comforting to know that almost any ailment can … Continue reading Mobile Medicine Cabinet

Life in the Nude (Flats)

There are some things that everyone should own. Good underwear, a black bra, nice fitting jeans, a little black dress, etc. Then there are those little items that are a litte more personal but still staples.  Personally, I need nude flats. Sometimes black won’t do, a color is too much, and heels are not happening. This need comes from a pair of Kate Spade flats, … Continue reading Life in the Nude (Flats)

Go For the Gold

Friday marked the opening ceremonies for the Summer 2012 Olympics. I remember when New York was campaigning to host. My family planned to rent out our house and make a fortune! The first Olympics I remember was Sydney in 2000. I recall gymnastics, running, and lots of aerial shots of the Opera House. 2004 was Greece, a fun return to Olympics history. Spent pretty much … Continue reading Go For the Gold