That time I climbed a volcano

Last weekend, I climbed Acatenango, the third tallest volcano in Central America. It’s weird to write this sentence and I’m still somewhat surprised that I did this. Reaching the top of Acatenango is an overnight undertaking, it’s over 13,000 feet tall, you camp, you carry a pack and it is steep. I, as of last Saturday, have never so much as slept in a tent. … Continue reading That time I climbed a volcano

Week #2 In Review

Hi everyone, My second week feels roughly 1000 times easier than the first. I know where I’m going, I know what some things should cost (though I’m clueless when it comes to lancha, or ferry prices which are notorious for ripoffs) and I’m getting to know people better. Updates are still sporadic because slow wifi means these posts take forever (because I love including pictures) … Continue reading Week #2 In Review

Reading the Internet, November 5

Hi everyone, Today I woke up and got really absorbed by the internet. I don’t have an early meeting for once and enjoyed sitting at the kitchen table with coffee and oatmeal, reading articles one by one and sharing them friends. Since I can’t do this all day, I decided to share some here (even though this is not a real job). If you’re looking … Continue reading Reading the Internet, November 5

Welcome to Vandyland: A Weekend in Nashville

Last weekend my family flew to Nashville to move my sister into Vanderbilt University. She’s starting her freshmen year as I start my senior year and I can’t believe how time has flown. My parents are also going to be empty nesters which will be a new adventure for them. It was my first time in Nashville and I was so impressed with this little … Continue reading Welcome to Vandyland: A Weekend in Nashville