Birthday Wish List Part One

I know I’m not the type of blogger to make elaborate collages of clothes I will probably never buy. But I do have a birthday. And it’s in less than a month. So what’s the harm in a little bit of wishing?

On the list so far:

Judith Jack Stud Earrings

Studs are so classic and versatile. You can wear them with anything and you won’t look too dressy or casual. I love the texture of these.


Kate Spade Journal iphone case

I am a notebook junkie and *MAY* have ordered this last night in celebration of my 18 and 11/12ths birthday.



Fred Flare Scratch Map Wall Decal

This lets you highlight places you’ve visited and decorates your room. My apartment next year needs this. I love to travel and really want a visual picture of places I’ve been. It also seems like a good conversation starter.


There’s more, so consider this a work in progress list. I haven’t even looked at J.Crew yet! The birthday countdown commences now!

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