I’m on a boat: Las trajineras de Xochimilco

Hello dear readers, I’m here to tell you about one of the most “mexican” experiences I’ve had to date. It didn’t involve guacamole (which is really not much of a thing here) but it did involve canals, tequila, mariachi bands, and my housemates. I spent Saturday cruising around the canals of Xochimilco in a trajinera, a covered boat that doubles as a floating party for … Continue reading I’m on a boat: Las trajineras de Xochimilco

A not long (but fun) weekend in Mexico City

Last thursday, I headed home after work and I was tired. I bailed out of going to the gym (boo for blog accountability but I went yesterday) and was sitting in my room feeling very exhausted. I was listening to a podcast when I heard a knock at my door. One of my roommates asked, “Would you like some wine?” Obviously, this piqued my interest … Continue reading A not long (but fun) weekend in Mexico City

Smorgasburg: Your Summer Mission

Are you near New York right now? Even better, are you in it? Well mark your calendar for next saturday because you have a date with the L train or your car. You’re going to smorgaburg. Smorgasburg is a food fair in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, right on the water, full of hipsters. Only here would you find skinny, vegetarian girls in head scarves selling the most … Continue reading Smorgasburg: Your Summer Mission

Working Girl

If you have a summer internship that pays money, you are very lucky. If you have one with airconditioning, you’re fortunate. If you have one you can wear pajamas to, I envy you enormously. I would never wear pajamas outside of the house but I’d still like some comfort. My summertime uniform emphasizes cotton, shorts, light oxfords, and flip flops. Blouses and flats can be … Continue reading Working Girl