No Struggle, No Strength

(Title obviously borrowed from Oprah: Where there’s no struggle, there’s no strength) This is a completely melodramatic post but today was really stressful and I wanted to share with my twitfam. Basically, I realized I have to change around my schedule a bunch because my history class that I thought met twice a week actually has been meeting three times a week. The third time … Continue reading No Struggle, No Strength

Iguazú Falls: A quick trip to Paradise

Hi everyone, Apologies for the delays in posting but I just spent the weekend in Iguazú and can’t wait to tell you about it. I last posted on tuesday, I believe, so a quick update of what happened since then is in order. Wednesday was the busiest day: I went to three classes at three universities, arriving home an hour before the entire family came … Continue reading Iguazú Falls: A quick trip to Paradise

Weekend Number 3 (How did that happen?)

It’s just the weirdest thing that this marks my third weekend here. I can’t believe how quickly it’s going and how much I still want to do.  This weekend was full of small worlds, connections, and lots of fun. It’s one of the last ones I’ll have without schoolwork which is super important to appreciate! I left off on friday morning. On friday, I finally … Continue reading Weekend Number 3 (How did that happen?)

Another semi first day of school

Are you there readers? It’s me Abigail, phoneless and coming at you live from Buenos Aires. Before I talk about what’s up, you should read this article about Bill Clinton becoming a vegan. Who would have ever thought one of our most popular presidents would be a vegan (also totally agree that cheese and yogurt would be the hardest things to give up). Yesterday, I … Continue reading Another semi first day of school