Back to School (and blogging)

Hi Readers,

Let me apologize for the huge lapse in posting. I just went back to school and busy doesn’t even begin to cover it. I move into my apartment tomorrow and cannot wait.

Updates on life:

Had a fabulous goodbye to New York dinner at Red Rooster Harlem. After reading Yes, Chef, it was so much fun to see the restaurant and know the backstory. All the details really added to the (delicious, global, interesting) meal.

Spent a relaxing weekend by the water in Southern Delaware, so, so, needed.

the best iced tea


Celebrated my 19th birthday with peanut butter chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. Recipe here. We added a cup of chocolate chips and it makes them way better!

Essie fall collection (a great birthday gift)

I got the map from my wishlist!

Returned to school!

Classes start next week and I haven’t yet decided on a blogging schedule. It will evolve I’m sure but I really enjoy posting and want to try to keep updated.


PS I found this while shopping in Delaware and it’s perfect for any member of #teamcaffeine