A Guest Post from my Dad: She’s Going Where?

My dad reflects on our family visit to Guatemala Continue reading A Guest Post from my Dad: She’s Going Where?


So No One Ever Told You…

The first night I moved into my house in Mexico, some roommates were watching Friends. I’ve watched that show in every house I’ve ever lived in (though it may have been in the womb in my first house) and I absolutely love it. The theme song, which may be stuck in your head by now if you’re anything like me, resonates on so many levels. … Continue reading So No One Ever Told You…

#socofler and so much more

(title comes from the Argentine chocolate brand Cofler, which my name always gets mistaken for.) My family left Argentina last Monday after 8 crazy days. We covered a lot of ground and I had a wonderful time. As my mom noted, the lack of wifi/smartphones/a super on the go culture in Argentina meant long meals, 7 pm afternoon coffee stops and lots of real conversation. … Continue reading #socofler and so much more