Corporate Social Responsibility

Last semester I took Legal Studies 224, entitled Human Rights and Globalization. I really recommend the class (the professor is brilliant and there’s a take home final!) and still think a lot about the issues raised by it. We talked about international law, transnational corporations, ngos, and governments and their roles in protecting human rights. We talked about how universal human rights really are and … Continue reading Corporate Social Responsibility

Sandboxes, Cement, and Nicaragua

When we are young, we read books about construction equipment. We have toy trucks and sandboxes full of plastic cranes, windmills, pick up trucks, dump trucks, bulldozers. Then we stop talking about these apparati. We may point them out on the street, especially if they’re anomalies, a blue garbage truck, an extremely tall crane, etc. We don’t think about construction equipment on a daily basis, … Continue reading Sandboxes, Cement, and Nicaragua