Sandboxes, Cement, and Nicaragua

When we are young, we read books about construction equipment. We have toy trucks and sandboxes full of plastic cranes, windmills, pick up trucks, dump trucks, bulldozers. Then we stop talking about these apparati. We may point them out on the street, especially if they’re anomalies, a blue garbage truck, an extremely tall crane, etc. We don’t think about construction equipment on a daily basis, … Continue reading Sandboxes, Cement, and Nicaragua

Knowing about Tech Without Being in Tech

It’s easy for people who study anything other than computer science to give up on tech. Being up to date on the latest apps, developments and sites is totally out of reach. You’re a PC, so to speak, and your tech-y friends, the ones who spend their weekends at hackathons and work for start ups during the summer, they’re the Macs. The future is theirs … Continue reading Knowing about Tech Without Being in Tech