Clubs and Cordoba and Cuestablanca (etc.)

Hey twitfam, The last few days have been crazy with a capital C but so much fun. I also have been planning to write this post for days but am suddenly ridiculously busy so here it is. Last thursday, my afternoon class at UBA was canceled because the facultad (department/campus) was taken (tomado) by the students because they were unhappy with the selection of the … Continue reading Clubs and Cordoba and Cuestablanca (etc.)

New Year in a New City

I hope everyone had a sweet start to the new year! Holidays with Rita were really nice and really different! This week is this crazy mix of my second week of regular school, the jewish holidays, and my family having just left. It’s really a lot to process at the same time but I’m doing my best. Let’s see what happened this week. Monday: After … Continue reading New Year in a New City

Another semi first day of school

Are you there readers? It’s me Abigail, phoneless and coming at you live from Buenos Aires. Before I talk about what’s up, you should read this article about Bill Clinton becoming a vegan. Who would have ever thought one of our most popular presidents would be a vegan (also totally agree that cheese and yogurt would be the hardest things to give up). Yesterday, I … Continue reading Another semi first day of school