A not long (but fun) weekend in Mexico City

Last thursday, I headed home after work and I was tired. I bailed out of going to the gym (boo for blog accountability but I went yesterday) and was sitting in my room feeling very exhausted. I was listening to a podcast when I heard a knock at my door. One of my roommates asked, “Would you like some wine?” Obviously, this piqued my interest … Continue reading A not long (but fun) weekend in Mexico City

Quick Link: Intern Magazine

Since pretty much all of my friends started interning this summer, the topic has been on my mind. I’ve thought a lot about what jobs companies should assign to interns that will teach the interns, help the company in the short and long term, and build mentorships. Some companies treat their interns extremely well (my friend at google got a free massage on his birthday, … Continue reading Quick Link: Intern Magazine