Reading the Internet, Week 1

Hope your weekend includes veggies!
Hope your weekend includes veggies!

For those of you who don’t know me, I read a lot of articles on the internet. I don’t like watching videos and I don’t follow many/any tv shows (except I’m definitely going to watch Orange is the New Black) but I cannot resist a good article. I read really long articles on my phone, usually because I don’t realize how long they are and I love using pocket, a read later service that links to twitter and chrome to save articles for later.

Without further ado, some things to read on the internet:

How NPR built its social media analytics dashboard  This fascinates me as Digital Director of Street and communications intern and seems like a really good way to translate analytics into something that will actually affect how people produce content. I present online critiques each week at Street meetings and I hope I can make them more useful next semester.

Eva Chen did a reddit AMA and had some really great stuff to say. Her advice, which I read consistently, is relevant for careers in and out of the fashion industry (duh) and I even asked her a question that made a roundup of the best answers (the one about how she and her husband support each other). She made a pun in her answer!

Anthony Bourdain has some cool travel tips and I’m really surprised he checks his luggage.

The Washington Post’s article about teaching empathy in schools is really cool (and features babies!) and also connects to my work because the person who started the program is an Ashoka fellow! They’re trying to bring this to Mexico too!

If you want a longread on outcomes and opportunity, I recommend Paul Tough’s piece for NYT magazine about who gets to graduate. It’s something that I’ve seen on a small scale at Penn and is a huge problem nationwide. I’ve heard from admissions people that intro level calc classes at Penn assume you’ve taken AP physics which really perpetuates inequality. This solution seems really innovative and replicable.

Finally, a really fun article on how a really hardworking Yale grad became a professional cheese eater. Yum!

What else are you reading? Share, share, share! I’m going to try to post this each week, pinky promise. I also post lots of links on twitter if you want to follow along. Have a great weekend (I’m following the NBA final–omg Game 1–and taking a boat ride with housemates).

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