What’s New at J.Crew

So J.Crew just sent out their fall catalog/style guide and posted TONS of new items to the website (they also arrived in stores, I was there). Since I often wear J.Crew head to toe, I feel obligated to comment on the new looks (with pictures). Overall, I’m excited but not in love. There are some things I’d like to try but not much that I’m dying to buy right now. Some of that is a function of season; I always prefer spring clothes to fall offerings.


new patterns, still no social media

They are really banking on dots. I’m not a huge fan of this, but I guess they think we all will be. Also, J.Crew has changed its twitter handle from @jcrew_insider to @jcrew. They haven’t tweeted since December ninth but did update their twitter background to a photo from the new catalogue (featuring dots). I choose to see this as a sign of progress. They also have claimed @jcrew on instagram, but have posted no pictures.

Too many dots
Sorry, this is hideous.

cashmere dots


banking on a couple of prints that may or may not take off

The black and white prints and the dots of course could be hits or misses. I feel like summer is better for prints but J.Crew does its research. I haven’t seen huge fashion blogger posts obsessing over this new collection (which I did see in the spring). I didn’t get excited about many of the items, but the crewcuts stuff was beautiful. The looks we love section is great outfit inspiration. I need to see if any of it fits!

The snowcat print is a big risk. They have lots of pieces in it, and I don’t see many people wearing it. The styling with risky prints is CRUCIAl and I just wasn’t convinced.


Snowcat pants

not loving snakeskin

Snakeskin, ehh

expanding the shoe stuff

I have one pair of shoes from j.crew (desert boots) and would love to get more. The loafers are my favorite.

Love these!

Tassel loafers

such fun loafers

some of it still looks summery-new shorts!

I was suprised that catalogue, err style guide, gave so much space to shorts and other summery items. I still love the color combinations from the style guide and use them for outfit inspiration.

My favorite style guide page. The colors are beautiful.

lots of updates to existing things (colorblock stripes)

Hardly reinventing the wheel, but cute.

Stripes are my favorite and I love these shirts (and need ways to justify them)

Painter boatneck

beautiful. and it comes in so many colors!

Saint James tee


more button downs

This is what I’m most looking forward to! I love the liberty prints and can’t wait until they go on sale.


If I could have one new item instantly appear in my closet, it would be this. LOVE.

sequins, not a fan

They just don’t seem mature or practical. #sorrynotsorry.

J.Crew, you did alright this season. I’m not blown away and I would love some social media but I know I’ll still be making purchases (and wearing your clothes every day).




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