Quick Link: Intern Magazine

Since pretty much all of my friends started interning this summer, the topic has been on my mind. I’ve thought a lot about what jobs companies should assign to interns that will teach the interns, help the company in the short and long term, and build mentorships. Some companies treat their interns extremely well (my friend at google got a free massage on his birthday, facebook interns get a bicycle) and others don’t assign them enough work (hence the prevalence of gchatting in the workplace).

Conde Nast, the publishing giant, seems like a fantastic place to intern, especially because the interns get to put together their own magazine, usually circulated internally but online for the first time. Glamour tweeted about it today and and I had to check it out.


The magazine (click here) is FANTASTIC. I read a lot of magazines and this one is so spot on for my age group, because students my age really wrote it. I loved the pieces about how social media helps fashion bloggers and the interviews with editors in chief on Conde Nast publications.  My favorite part, though, was the piece on networking, called Mutual Friends, beginning on page 34. It was a series of group pictures of the interns with objects that matter to them AND details about they knew each other. Networking seems very intimidating in most articles I read, but this was the kind of networking I do all the time. Your brother went to study abroad with someone from my high school, your former roommate is in the same community service club as I am, your camp friend is sorority sisters with my home friend. That’s what my generation does constantly and I was thrilled to see the value of those connections recognized, in a beautifully designed magazine made by people like me.

Read the intern magazine. The theme is social media and you definitely won’t be disappointed.

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