Chemistry Alert: Adjustment Bureau

The Adjustment Bureau was on tv earlier this week and I happened to sit down and watch ummm almost the entire thing. While the concept of the movie is really interesting, the aspect that kept me glued to the screen was the chemistry between Dave Norris and Elise (Matt Damon and Emily Blunt). Seriously, their bathroom meet-cute scene is one of the most unexpected and … Continue reading Chemistry Alert: Adjustment Bureau

A Few of Her Favorite Things: Mom Edition

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday so I wanted to put together a little list of some of her favorite things. It’s always a good test of how you well you know someone (and my mom and I are very close). Happy Birthday Mom! Some of her favorite things: Cheese, Iced Coffee, Chocolate, and Wine She has pretty good taste in food, I must say! We … Continue reading A Few of Her Favorite Things: Mom Edition

External link to Off the Charts (Chemistry, that is)

Off the Charts (Chemistry, that is)

Off the Charts

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are on the cover of Teen Vogue this month. They never talk about their personal lives in interviews (notably her Vogue cover this month) but they appeared together anyway. The pictures are “friendly” enough but the interview is the most adorable thing. They finish each other’s sentences, giggle at their remarks, compliment each other genuinely and seem happy as two very successful and in love clams. (Also where does that expression come from? Are clams actually happy.)

My favorite line: “It was like I woke up when she came in”-Andrew Garfield on auditioning with her. These are the best articles about relationship, no cliches, just two people who are happy together and make each other better.

If they ever break up, I’m going to reread this interview and be very sad.

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