Reading the Internet, November 5

Hi everyone, Today I woke up and got really absorbed by the internet. I don’t have an early meeting for once and enjoyed sitting at the kitchen table with coffee and oatmeal, reading articles one by one and sharing them friends. Since I can’t do this all day, I decided to share some here (even though this is not a real job). If you’re looking … Continue reading Reading the Internet, November 5

Shop till you drop in Otavalo

Buying souvenirs while traveling is always a tricky proposition. First, there’s logistics. Do you want to carry around your new purchase until you get home? Will it break/spill/shatter in your luggage? Second, there’s ethics. Is this product made locally by people who are paid fairly or is it made in China? Is the price fair or absurdly gouged because you’re an extranjera? Who knows? Last week, … Continue reading Shop till you drop in Otavalo

Reading the Internet, Week 5

Happy 4th of July from a desk in Mexico! Today I was thinking about how I’ve spent the last few fourth of julys and they’ve really run the gamet. Last year was Philly, the year before was in New York on Julia’s rooftop after drinks at an australian restaurant with really hot waiters. I spent the summer before senior year at Perlman which was the … Continue reading Reading the Internet, Week 5

Reading the Internet, Week 4

Sorry to be super behind on this one but here are some links to spice up your monday and tuesday office time. A lot of them are videos this week, which is a surprising change of pace. Alton Brown and William Shatner hang out and taste wine. Great article about being white in Mexico City and lots more. I haven’t eaten at Sanborns but I … Continue reading Reading the Internet, Week 4

Reading the internet, Week 2

And we’re back. Here’s what you should read this weekend: Fear of Missing Important Meals while traveling. This is a real thing, especially for those of us who tend to overthink everything (hi!). America’s relationship with dates sort of started with cultural appropriation. Instyle’s EIC is a dude who used to work for the New Yorker. He has some good advice. How does it feel to … Continue reading Reading the internet, Week 2


It’s October 5th and over 80 degrees outside. This calls for iced coffee, sandals, and stripes. HubBub Iced Coffee, the best coffee on campus Stripes, from the soon to be revamped J.Crew Factory Store (ANTICIPATION). This would be perfect with pink chino shorts. I wore my striped dress from Madewell.   Sandals (these Tory Burch sandals have dealt with pouring rain, mud, and long walks). … Continue reading October