Reading the internet, week 6

Happy friday readers! Next friday (technically early saturday morning) I am leaving Mexico which is a sentence I can’t believe I just typed. We’re going to have to process that somewhere else. But for now, some reads. One of my favorite foodbloggers, the Amateur Gourmet  (and the first food blog I followed back in 2008 or 9) went to Germany as part of a Eurotrip … Continue reading Reading the internet, week 6

Week Two: When things start to get busy

Apologies for the lack of posts this week but I was pretty busy (yay!). Tuesday was a fairly ordinary day at work and then a weird aerobics classed called Body Attack that was not that revolutionary. I still need to try the tumbling one. It was, like most latin american 1 hour commitments, roughly 42 minutes. That night, we had a house dinner which was … Continue reading Week Two: When things start to get busy

Clubs and Cordoba and Cuestablanca (etc.)

Hey twitfam, The last few days have been crazy with a capital C but so much fun. I also have been planning to write this post for days but am suddenly ridiculously busy so here it is. Last thursday, my afternoon class at UBA was canceled because the facultad (department/campus) was taken (tomado) by the students because they were unhappy with the selection of the … Continue reading Clubs and Cordoba and Cuestablanca (etc.)

Grandparents in BA! (and more)

Hey twitfam, It’s officially spring in Buenos Aires and this city does not have air conditioning. Not on the buses, not at the gym, not in most buildings, not in my apartment. It’s also really not an environment where people wear shorts and even a skirt without tights attracts more unwanted attention than usual. So we are soldiering on, sweating a lot… These past few … Continue reading Grandparents in BA! (and more)