Reading the Internet, Week 5

Happy 4th of July from a desk in Mexico! Today I was thinking about how I’ve spent the last few fourth of julys and they’ve really run the gamet. Last year was Philly, the year before was in New York on Julia’s rooftop after drinks at an australian restaurant with really hot waiters. I spent the summer before senior year at Perlman which was the … Continue reading Reading the Internet, Week 5

Chemistry Alert: Adjustment Bureau

The Adjustment Bureau was on tv earlier this week and I happened to sit down and watch ummm almost the entire thing. While the concept of the movie is really interesting, the aspect that kept me glued to the screen was the chemistry between Dave Norris and Elise (Matt Damon and Emily Blunt). Seriously, their bathroom meet-cute scene is one of the most unexpected and … Continue reading Chemistry Alert: Adjustment Bureau

Smorgasburg: Your Summer Mission

Are you near New York right now? Even better, are you in it? Well mark your calendar for next saturday because you have a date with the L train or your car. You’re going to smorgaburg. Smorgasburg is a food fair in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, right on the water, full of hipsters. Only here would you find skinny, vegetarian girls in head scarves selling the most … Continue reading Smorgasburg: Your Summer Mission