I’m back (and blogging from Mexico)

Hey twitfam, I’m back on the blog to tell you about my summer in Mexico City and Ecuador, which began very early this morning. If you’re confused by the previous sentence, here’s what’s happening: I got back from Argentina, enjoyed a few relaxing weeks at home before one of the most difficult semesters Penn could have thrown at me. There were student suicides, weeks of … Continue reading I’m back (and blogging from Mexico)

Working Girl

If you have a summer internship that pays money, you are very lucky. If you have one with airconditioning, you’re fortunate. If you have one you can wear pajamas to, I envy you enormously. I would never wear pajamas outside of the house but I’d still like some comfort. My summertime uniform emphasizes cotton, shorts, light oxfords, and flip flops. Blouses and flats can be … Continue reading Working Girl