It’s October 5th and over 80 degrees outside. This calls for iced coffee, sandals, and stripes. HubBub Iced Coffee, the best coffee on campus Stripes, from the soon to be revamped J.Crew Factory Store (ANTICIPATION). This would be perfect with pink chino shorts. I wore my striped dress from Madewell.   Sandals (these Tory Burch sandals have dealt with pouring rain, mud, and long walks). … Continue reading October

In the Bag(gu)

Don’t you love when you’re a little bit ahead of the curve? You know the feeling. Someone from your high school started a website that made it big, your college roommate goes to the Olympics (fun fact: look out for mine in 2016), your neighbor’s cousin has 10,000 twitter followers. In this case, I’m talking about Baggu, the fairly ubiquitous reusable nylon totes. They’re gaining … Continue reading In the Bag(gu)

I Never Thought I Could Wear THAT: Stripes on Stripes

Last friday, I woke up with plenty of time to wear something nice. I had a dress in mind (the striped one I got last week in the Madewell Sale) but needed something else. I needed to take this dress from casual weekend to office friendly. So what did I add, you ask? MORE STRIPES. I know this is crazy and probably against lots of … Continue reading I Never Thought I Could Wear THAT: Stripes on Stripes