Quick Link: Intern Magazine

Since pretty much all of my friends started interning this summer, the topic has been on my mind. I’ve thought a lot about what jobs companies should assign to interns that will teach the interns, help the company in the short and long term, and build mentorships. Some companies treat their interns extremely well (my friend at google got a free massage on his birthday, … Continue reading Quick Link: Intern Magazine

Go For the Gold

Friday marked the opening ceremonies for the Summer 2012 Olympics. I remember when New York was campaigning to host. My family planned to rent out our house and make a fortune! The first Olympics I remember was Sydney in 2000. I recall gymnastics, running, and lots of aerial shots of the Opera House. 2004 was Greece, a fun return to Olympics history. Spent pretty much … Continue reading Go For the Gold


Today is time to take five minutes and watch this video about Rachel Beckwith, a nine year old girl whose dying wish was to provide clean water to those without it. Her parents followed up, collecting $60,000 with charity:water, an innovative organization that brings water to thousands in the developing world. My high school did fundraisers for charity:water and their outreach (they let you ask … Continue reading charity:water

Zucchini Olive Oil Cake

My family and I belong to a Community Supported Agriculture program in our neighborhood. That means we get a basket of seasonal fruits and vegetables (a share of whatever the farm has produced) every tuesday, May to November. Let me say that I LOVE this program and am always impressed by the quality of produce. Participation, however, can pose some challenges. Several weeks ago we … Continue reading Zucchini Olive Oil Cake

Knowing about Tech Without Being in Tech

It’s easy for people who study anything other than computer science to give up on tech. Being up to date on the latest apps, developments and sites is totally out of reach. You’re a PC, so to speak, and your tech-y friends, the ones who spend their weekends at hackathons and work for start ups during the summer, they’re the Macs. The future is theirs … Continue reading Knowing about Tech Without Being in Tech