Welcome to Vandyland: A Weekend in Nashville

Last weekend my family flew to Nashville to move my sister into Vanderbilt University. She’s starting her freshmen year as I start my senior year and I can’t believe how time has flown. My parents are also going to be empty nesters which will be a new adventure for them. It was my first time in Nashville and I was so impressed with this little … Continue reading Welcome to Vandyland: A Weekend in Nashville

Iguazú Falls: A quick trip to Paradise

Hi everyone, Apologies for the delays in posting but I just spent the weekend in Iguazú and can’t wait to tell you about it. I last posted on tuesday, I believe, so a quick update of what happened since then is in order. Wednesday was the busiest day: I went to three classes at three universities, arriving home an hour before the entire family came … Continue reading Iguazú Falls: A quick trip to Paradise


It’s October 5th and over 80 degrees outside. This calls for iced coffee, sandals, and stripes. HubBub Iced Coffee, the best coffee on campus Stripes, from the soon to be revamped J.Crew Factory Store (ANTICIPATION). This would be perfect with pink chino shorts. I wore my striped dress from Madewell.   Sandals (these Tory Burch sandals have dealt with pouring rain, mud, and long walks). … Continue reading October

Apartment of Five

I’m live in an apartment for the 2012-2013 school year. I have four roommates and it’s a fourth floor walk up. This is my first time lliving in an apartment (a dorm is totally different) and I was very anxious about setting everything up. Here’s what I did over the summer: Label stuff. Five mac chargers can get mixed up in about 2 seconds. Ditto … Continue reading Apartment of Five