Abigail’s Guide to Guatemala

After a year in Guatemala, I’ve got a whole lot of suggestions Continue reading Abigail’s Guide to Guatemala


So No One Ever Told You…

The first night I moved into my house in Mexico, some roommates were watching Friends. I’ve watched that show in every house I’ve ever lived in (though it may have been in the womb in my first house) and I absolutely love it. The theme song, which may be stuck in your head by now if you’re anything like me, resonates on so many levels. … Continue reading So No One Ever Told You…

9 So Called Mexican Foods not found in Mexico City

Mexico City has been full of surprises this summer, especially in the culinary area. Mexico is a huge country with a very strong regional food culture and I’m in no way claiming that the below items aren’t part of mexican food in a broad sense. My friend from Sonora (right below Arizona) often doesn’t recognize menu items when we go out here. Here are some … Continue reading 9 So Called Mexican Foods not found in Mexico City

Reading the internet, week 6

Happy friday readers! Next friday (technically early saturday morning) I am leaving Mexico which is a sentence I can’t believe I just typed. We’re going to have to process that somewhere else. But for now, some reads. One of my favorite foodbloggers, the Amateur Gourmet  (and the first food blog I followed back in 2008 or 9) went to Germany as part of a Eurotrip … Continue reading Reading the internet, week 6

Reading the Internet, Week 5

Happy 4th of July from a desk in Mexico! Today I was thinking about how I’ve spent the last few fourth of julys and they’ve really run the gamet. Last year was Philly, the year before was in New York on Julia’s rooftop after drinks at an australian restaurant with really hot waiters. I spent the summer before senior year at Perlman which was the … Continue reading Reading the Internet, Week 5

Do What You Want With Your Weekend

One of the biggest things living abroad has taught me is how to be alone. A year ago, I hadn’t yet left for Argentina and the idea that I would soon have to make so many decisions on my own would have terrified me. Now, I really relish being alone and even made sure to find alone time last semester at Penn (mostly by sneaking … Continue reading Do What You Want With Your Weekend