Sweet 16

Today is my little sister’s birthday and she’s turning 16!

She’s at camp for five weeks so we had to purchase her gift far in advance (mail service in rural pennsylvania is not great).

A camp gift is hard to find because you can’t use a lot at camp. A fancy purse, fine jewelry, or any technology is kind of out of the question. After much deliberation, we settled on a two part present: one part would be sent to camp with another gift waiting at home.

Part 1:

Bracelet from Kiel James Patrick:

These bracelets are nautical, made in the USA (Rhode Island, to be exact) by KJP and the super stylish Sarah Vickers (her blog is outfit inspiration on steroids). Most of all, they have a classic, outdoorsy vibe, perfect for sailing, or spending a summer at rural camp.

The Sarah Vickers. Fun fact: I have those shorts and wore them today!!

We got her this one, but there are so many cute options.

So cute right? They come in sizes so it’s a great gift!

I also really like this one. The colors are so fun and preppy!

Love the color combo!

With the bracelets shipped to camp, we headed to gift number two: Jack Rogers.

I’ve wanted a pair forever so I jumped at the chance to visit the flagship store (the perks of NYC living) and try on a few to make sure we ordered the proper size (I also bought my first pair, pictured below). I realized that I am closer to a size 7 than I thought, and that Jack Rogers are the most comfortable shoes! I cannot wait to wear mine all summer and for my sister to get hers when she comes back.

#lovemyjacks (taken with instagram)

For my sister we chose the bone and white palm beach navajo. They look great online and in person!

She’s going to love them!

I hope my sister has a great birthday and I think I will use the idea of a present for now and one for later for years to come (especially if she keeps running off to camp…).

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