A Few of Her Favorite Things: Mom Edition

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday so I wanted to put together a little list of some of her favorite things. It’s always a good test of how you well you know someone (and my mom and I are very close).

Happy Birthday Mom!

Some of her favorite things:

Cheese, Iced Coffee, Chocolate, and Wine

She has pretty good taste in food, I must say! We went to a wine and cheese bar for her birthday dinner and it was absolutely delicious!

Colin Firth and Hugh Grant Movies (no explanation needed).

Give us What a Girl Wants and we are happy campers.

Colin Firth wears leather pants in this fine film!

Just a boy standing in front of a girl…


My mom reads more than almost anyone I know. Some of her favorite recent reads are below. We all have kindles with one account so it’s so much fun to share books. We have to be careful not to spoil anything for each other. She also inspired in me a love and appreciation for libraries with frequent trips. These days she requests lots of new books at our local branch.

Little babies

My mom loves little kids, especially family friends and baby cousins. She cannot wait for grandchildren (once I have a job and a diploma and a husband of course) and I know she will be great with them.

Watching KUWTK (a guilty pleasure)

Mondays at home during the summer mean we settle in to watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Many people think it’s turning our society to mush (my dad among them), but we have lots of fun watching it and laughing at their antics. Scott has been SO funny lately, we were cracking up at the London episode.

Stalking my sister and I on facebook and twitter. 

Surprisingly, I don’t mind this. First of all, it keeps me appropriate because I know she reads it. It also means she knows little random things going on in my life, stuff that I might not bother to repeat in a phone call. Because I live away from home for much of the year, I really appreciate this little way to stay in touch.

Happy Birthday Mom! I owe you more than I know and love you so much!