Apartment of Five

I’m live in an apartment for the 2012-2013 school year. I have four roommates and it’s a fourth floor walk up. This is my first time lliving in an apartment (a dorm is totally different) and I was very anxious about setting everything up. Here’s what I did over the summer: Label stuff. Five mac chargers can get mixed up in about 2 seconds. Ditto … Continue reading Apartment of Five

It’s Time: Organize your Makeup Drawer

As I packed to head back to school, I realized one thing: my makeup drawer was a mess. A huge mess. I had lipgloss from seventh grade, unopened items, empty things, very old mascara and just a lot of wasted space. I devoted a couple of hours to organizing and want to share the system I used. It’s easy, cheap, and made packing way easier. … Continue reading It’s Time: Organize your Makeup Drawer