Bastille Day

Today, July 14th, is Bastille Day, which commemorates the storming of the Bastille and the start of the French Revolution. It’s France’s national day and the perfect time to let your inner francophile flag fly. I studied french for five years and have a few ways to inject a little french flair into your daily routine. Wear Stripes The Iconic Petit Bateau Fishing Sweater J.Crew always … Continue reading Bastille Day

The British are coming (Jack Wills, that is)

The British are coming! (Jack Wills that is) One day last fall I was walking to the library when I spotted a table full of colorful giveaways, manned by a person with a camera. The table belonged to Jack Wills, the British clothing retailer that made its US debut on a massive tour of colleges up and down the East Coast. This marketing decision says … Continue reading The British are coming (Jack Wills, that is)

Sweet 16

Today is my little sister’s birthday and she’s turning 16! She’s at camp for five weeks so we had to purchase her gift far in advance (mail service in rural pennsylvania is not great). A camp gift is hard to find because you can’t use a lot at camp. A fancy purse, fine jewelry, or any technology is kind of out of the question. After … Continue reading Sweet 16

Working Girl

If you have a summer internship that pays money, you are very lucky. If you have one with airconditioning, you’re fortunate. If you have one you can wear pajamas to, I envy you enormously. I would never wear pajamas outside of the house but I’d still like some comfort. My summertime uniform emphasizes cotton, shorts, light oxfords, and flip flops. Blouses and flats can be … Continue reading Working Girl