Grandparents in BA! (and more)

Hey twitfam, It’s officially spring in Buenos Aires and this city does not have air conditioning. Not on the buses, not at the gym, not in most buildings, not in my apartment. It’s also really not an environment where people wear shorts and even a skirt without tights attracts more unwanted attention than usual. So we are soldiering on, sweating a lot… These past few … Continue reading Grandparents in BA! (and more)

Iguazú Falls: A quick trip to Paradise

Hi everyone, Apologies for the delays in posting but I just spent the weekend in Iguazú and can’t wait to tell you about it. I last posted on tuesday, I believe, so a quick update of what happened since then is in order. Wednesday was the busiest day: I went to three classes at three universities, arriving home an hour before the entire family came … Continue reading Iguazú Falls: A quick trip to Paradise