Reading the internet, Week 2

And we’re back. Here’s what you should read this weekend: Fear of Missing Important Meals while traveling. This is a real thing, especially for those of us who tend to overthink everything (hi!). America’s relationship with dates sort of started with cultural appropriation. Instyle’s EIC is a dude who used to work for the New Yorker. He has some good advice. How does it feel to … Continue reading Reading the internet, Week 2

Chemistry Alert: Adjustment Bureau

The Adjustment Bureau was on tv earlier this week and I happened to sit down and watch ummm almost the entire thing. While the concept of the movie is really interesting, the aspect that kept me glued to the screen was the chemistry between Dave Norris and Elise (Matt Damon and Emily Blunt). Seriously, their bathroom meet-cute scene is one of the most unexpected and … Continue reading Chemistry Alert: Adjustment Bureau

Quick Links: This 12 Year Old is Cooler Than You

Kiernan Shipka, Sally Draper on Mad Men and twelve year old, has managed to skip that awkward phase we all remember so fondly and become a stylish, funny, and lovely person. In this video, she leads Laura Brown around her closet as they chat about style, costumes, growing up, and other good times. It would be SO easy for this to come off as obnoxious … Continue reading Quick Links: This 12 Year Old is Cooler Than You