Reading the Internet, November 5

Hi everyone,

Today I woke up and got really absorbed by the internet. I don’t have an early meeting for once and enjoyed sitting at the kitchen table with coffee and oatmeal, reading articles one by one and sharing them friends. Since I can’t do this all day, I decided to share some here (even though this is not a real job).

If you’re looking for…Longform: This immersive and beautifully designed piece by Maya Rao took me to a North Dakota oil town. It’s fascinating and her interview about writing and reporting and the future of journalism is too.

Want to read about…Food: A bunch of bloggers are hosting a virtual baby shower online for Jess of How Sweet Eats. This is really interesting because of how many people are involved and how tight knit the blogging community is. One recipe that looks good is this Brussels Sprouts crostini. I also just got a food processor and really want to make hummus. And I may need to try this cocktail this week as I finish up the New Yorker food issue.

In the mood for…Fashion/Customer Service: Tory Burch Sells $300 Coronas. This man’s experience of buying gifts for his wife shows that processes, no matter how automatic they get, still have a human element. Customer service, when good, can make your whole day.

Cozy Fall Sweaters Posts like these make me want to order from Everlane, like now.

Here’s some Advice: for freshmen women entering college. I want a follow up.

Finally, some Silly: Guess the Taylor Swift song based on emojis (I got 8/10) and If World War I was a bar fight (thanks, Dad, for this one)

Happy wednesday. What are you reading today on the internet?

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