Reading the Internet, Week 5

Happy 4th of July from a desk in Mexico! Today I was thinking about how I’ve spent the last few fourth of julys and they’ve really run the gamet. Last year was Philly, the year before was in New York on Julia’s rooftop after drinks at an australian restaurant with really hot waiters. I spent the summer before senior year at Perlman which was the most Americana of 4th of July celebrations with fireworks by the lake and all that. The summer before junior year I was in Madrid and went to a TGIF fridays also frequented by really drunk scottish people. Quite the range. I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend, fireworks and the various flag cakes (I’ve been looking at so many pictures of them online).

Here are some links for a weekend by the pool or next monday when you’re back in the office.

How Millennials are Changing International Travel (we have no illusions of stability so why not travel!)

Meet NYC’s Digital Director, what a cool job OMG. For another job related feature, read about one woman’s path to working for Anthony Bourdain. Wow, real life is going to be hard.

What if cops observed and tracked you and your neighbors as you went about totally normal activities? For many New Yorkers, that’s reality. A must read about the NYPD’s “Demographics Desk,” which the reporter aptly compares to the House UnAmerican Activities Committee. I don’t know how I missed this when it first came out but I can’t stop thinking about it.

I just read this very old and very good DFW piece from Gourmet  (RIP Gourmet, still miss you) about eating lobster (and I watched Annie Hall this week so lobster eating is on my mind).

The Vulture Bieber longread is so fascinating, considering how quickly he’s changed. Fame is just this quagmire that so few escape with any scrap of sanity.

I love reading about different sides of NYC life and this New Yorker feature on dollar vans that navigate far flung ethnic neighborhoods is great.

If you’re looking for some fun listening, I enjoyed this podcast with the Shiva Sophia Rossi, the editor of hellogiggles and the producer of the Hills. Her insights about work were really interesting and I loved the behind the scenes details.

Happy 4th of July!!

All I want right now
All I want right now

cake via smitten kitchen

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