Reading the Internet, Week 4

Sorry to be super behind on this one but here are some links to spice up your monday and tuesday office time. A lot of them are videos this week, which is a surprising change of pace.

Alton Brown and William Shatner hang out and taste wine.

Great article about being white in Mexico City and lots more. I haven’t eaten at Sanborns but I bought my cellphone there.

It’s very scary to read articles like this (about moving back home and student debt) and realize it’s about you and your peers.

A fun archive find of Marilyn Monroe’s beauty and fitness regimen. Basically the polar oppose of Gwyneth Paltrow.

These Mexican fruit/dessert shops in Chicago seem like fairly faithful reconstructions of what I pass on almost every corner. My go to green juice is nopales, apio, piña, toronja and a fruit that I can’t pronounce and have no clue what it is but it’s small and light yellow. That’s cactus (known in the US as prickly pear), celery, pineapple and grapefruit juice.

A longread about shit. Really, it’s interesting.

World Cup section:

Seeing Mexico lose yesterday was not so fun. You could feel a deflation throughout the city and the streets were far emptier than usual. But they played so well and have improved so much in a short time that hope is high for 2018! I also caught the Costa Rica-Greece game yesterday which was so exciting and fun (and way longer than anyone though it would be). It was great to see them win! I’m hoping to find a buddy to watch the USA game with tomorrow.

Jimmy Kimmel asks Americans if they’re drunk at 9 am.

John Oliver explains why FIFA is evil (a compelling case).

Have a great week and look for more links this weekend!

It's my sister's birthday this week so here she is in my links!
It’s my sister’s birthday this week so here she is in my links!

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