Reading the internet, week 3

Actual post about my week to follow but here’s some internet for now:

15 lessons learned from cooking at the french laundry. I love reading about industry kitchens and mentorship.

If you’ve ever smiled at the name of an Essie polish, you should read about the company’s founder who still comes up with most of the names.

Millennial helps museums join instagram/increase engagement with youth, doesn’t get paid for it. Lots to think about here but the Met feed he created is gorgeous.

Why are Jews one of the only groups that talks so openly about intermarriage to preserve the tribe? Any BBYO alumni should read this

Finally, this last link is important and painful to post but Philadelphia Magazine’s Steve Volk wrote a long piece on the suicides at Penn this past year. It’s the most thorough I’ve read yet and does a good job of linking the many issues at play here and the lacking way the University responded. The details shared are so tragic but hopefully dialogue will lead to some changes.

I had a really busy week of events and goodbyes and am looking forward to a quiet weekend and hoping to go to the Anthropology and History museum totally by myself so no one bothers me as I read all the placards.

Have a great weekend!

this is a cat I met at a potluck dinner named Chaplin, check out that stache!
this is a cat I met at a potluck dinner named Chaplin, check out that stache!

One thought on “Reading the internet, week 3

  1. Had actually seen some of these articles already, but really liked reading about Essie, a Queens girl. Maybe she can help fund the library or the Queens Way!

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