Reading the internet, Week 2

And we’re back. Here’s what you should read this weekend:

Fear of Missing Important Meals while traveling. This is a real thing, especially for those of us who tend to overthink everything (hi!).

America’s relationship with dates sort of started with cultural appropriation.

Instyle’s EIC is a dude who used to work for the New Yorker. He has some good advice.

How does it feel to write about hate time after time? On the Racism beat. (h/t: Frida)

I love Serious Eats’ “Ask a Bartender” series and this one is obviously my favorite because it’s all about Philly bars. Bookmarked for when I get back in August.

Childbirth in prison may be featured on OITNB’s next season and there is a lot for them to touch on. Read about real life prisoners’ efforts to humanize the process.

The Case for Reparations is 100% worth reading. It’s long but so important and does a really good job of explaining the many many ways the United States exists the way it does because of white supremacy and black oppression.

I also read #GirlBoss this week by Sophia Amoruso and really enjoyed it. It’s much more relatable and honest feeling than Lean In. To get a sense of the author’s voice, read this interview.

Finally, ¡Vamos México! The mundial started is and is dominating all conversations. I took a walk to get a juice yesterday (prickly pear, celery and grapefruit is my current fave) and everyone was stopped and staring at their nearest tv). México just scored a goal and we heard screams from around the office and the street.

Have a great weekend!

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