A Sweet Moment at Work

Hi everyone,

Today was a fairly normal monday. I found out I’m going to an all day conference for Leaders of Social Change at a Business school this week which I’m really excited about (even though it’s from 8:30-7 pm). Going to these events is a cool way to get a sense of the spectrum of organizations in Mexico’s civil society and it should be fun to live tweet.

Today we had a cake for someone’s birthday (she also works in communication, doing press releases) and she made the cutest little birthday speech. First she joked that she thought she would get the cake on friday (her birthday was saturday) and had tried to look nice that day just in case. But then she said that she felt really fortunate to work there after looking for a job in this industry for a few months and that everyday that she misses her mother and brother (she’s not originally from el DF), she feels lucky to get to come and work at Ashoka with such a nice group of people. It was a really sweet sentiment and demonstrative of the positive vibes around the office. People that I’ve met in Latin America are more honest about their feelings, both positive and negative and I love that. It feels like a more true way of living (though I wish more people got sarcasm).

One other little thing:

There is a class at my gym that, from a glance as I left, appears to involve jumping on mini trampolines for an hour. May have to investigate.

Work on memorial day feat. sandals and pretty tiles
Work on memorial day feat. sandals and pretty tiles
LOL this machine (Yes, i used it!)
LOL this machine (Yes, i used it!)

2 thoughts on “A Sweet Moment at Work

  1. That’s so sweet and makes for a nice working environment.

    How was the cake?!? More importantly 😉

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