The First Day of Work

Hello readers,

Yesterday was pretty quiet on the blog front because I had a stomachache for most of the day. I took a nap and rested and then headed out to get ginger ale and a banana smoothie (I actually found an amazing place that blends your smoothie with almond milk and then freezes it in front of you on this frozen disk and then scoops it like ice cream. I will be returning). I hung out in a bookstore cafe which I was thrilled to find because those were some of my favorite places in Buenos Aires. This one apparently has multiple locations so I’ll see if there’s one in my new neighborhood. I’m not moving that far (about a 20 minute walk) so I’ll be able to come back to these spots fairly easily and potentially more easily if I tackle the bus.


After breakfast this morning, I packed my laptop and walked to the office. Everyone who worked there was in a meeting which they had forgotten to tell me about (I didn’t have to go but would have showed up earlier or later if I knew). The housekeeper showed me around the office which is an old converted house; it’s gorgeous. There is great tile work everywhere (all the bathrooms have turquoise tiles) and a backyard that’s partially covered where lots of people work and where everyone eats lunch. I’m working for Georgina, the director of communication, on social media and some events they’re doing. Today I filled out a grant application, started reviewing their social media presence and helped get a presentation ready for some event on thursday that I hope I get to go to. It’s very independent and the office is very friendly and young. There’s a fridge where you can store lunch if you bring it and water coolers everywhere. At 2 everyone started leaving for lunch but I missed the big group that left right before me so I was on my own. There are tons of great looking stands (called fondos) nearby that have huge lines and I’m sure amazing food, but not so much on the vegetarian front. I started with a yogurt from a deli and then got a mini bag of trailmix and a biscuit with jam from a bakery. I wound up saving the yogurt for a late afternoon snack because right at the corner of the street is a fruit cart that my friend Gabe, who interned at Ashoka last summer, had told me about. I saw the people in front of me get fruit with lime, salt and chili and I saw jicama and I went for it. I got a giant cup of jicama and sliced cucumber covered with lime, chili, and salt for practically nothing and omg it was SO good. I may have to talk myself out of buying this everyday but hey, at least it’s healthy. I went to eat outside with everyone else which was fun and informal (they eat lunch for a full hour, take that saddesklunch). I also got to see everyone’s lunches and ask where they got them for future ideas. Two girls had salads from a place that’s apparently 2.5 blocks away so I’ll have to check that out. Hopefully I can pack some lunches once I get settled into the house. After that, I went back to finish some work and Geo told me I could leave a little after 6. At one point during the afternoon, I had to move my chair because it was too sunny inside. Thank goodness I’m not at a cubicle: this is so much better!

stained glass on the stairs
stained glass on the stairs
twerking and werking
twerking and werking

Hopefully I’m getting dinner with the other Penn intern in a little bit or I’ll just head out on my own. I’m moving tomorrow after work so I have to pack tonight :(. I hope I can close my suitcases again…

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