Chao Gracias

I’m leaving for the airport in a little over an hour, provided all of my suitcases close. I really can’t analyze this semester at all in this moment but just wanted to write something to say thank you to everyone who made this possible. Buenos Aires is not an easy place to live but that’s what I loved about it. So much of my US college bubble world is designed to make you feel comfortable and safe and Buenos Aires is adamently not. There are challenges every day and even after five months there are so many things I will never understand. A sense of mastery never emerges: in the last three days, someone has given me a fake bill as change, I almost dropped an ice cream cone on the street, my friends and I got to a club after it had already closed (unclear how that happened), a bus didn’t stop where it was supposed to, a restaurant was out of orange juice and it goes on. One of the most common expressions here is “Que sé yo” which translates to what do I know. My host mom uses it all the time and and it’s a bit of a survival skill. Living in a big city full of people and the general chaos of humanity means you can’t be too sure of anything. It’s stressful that way, but it’s exhilarating and it sure as hell keeps you on your toes as you trip down the uneven sidewalk trying not to step in dog poop.

Thank you Argentina y nos vemos, I know I’ll be back someday but in the meantime I have vegetables to eat, family members to hug, and some serious winter waiting for me.

Thank you to everyone who followed along with my semester on this blog! I really appreciated the supportive comments especially during rough moments and am lucky to have support around the world. I’ll be writing a few more posts about my final two trips once I have a faster wifi connection.

Until then, NEW YORK, I’m coming for you!!!!!

Greetings from a glacier lake!
Greetings from a glacier lake!

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