The Week of Sick

Hey Twitfam,

I wish the radio silence here was because I was just so busy and immersed and ocupada but in fact it is because I’m sick. I apparently ate some produce that had been poorly washed (my bet is on the market I went to Sunday but it also could have been salad I made in a hurry) and have been in bed for the better part of five days. I missed some class, I’ve barely eaten anything, I’ve almost completed season 1 of the oc for the upteenth time. At certain points, I couldn’t even look at foodblogs which means things are dire.

This morning I finally went to a doctor who told me to start eating and drinking again, basically a diet of baby food. Since the appointment I’ve had soup and jello and later I get rice. I don’t have much of an appetite but it’s important to get back to normal. The only cool thing I did this week was attend a show for free at the Teatro Colon and I will remember both the beautiful building and the tummy ache I had during the show (will post pictures later). Most of my time has been in the fetal position but I really believe I am on the mend and I am so grateful to Rita for taking care of me and going with me to the doctor. Yesterday we were talking about gatorade and both trying to explain to each other what it was until we realized we were saying the same word with very different accents. My doctor says I should avoid all sugar though so gatorade is out.

If you’re looking for internet reads, I have some suggestions from my bed ridden week:

There are alfajores in Queens, good to know for my return

This Clean Plate Club podcast featuring a sommelier and a film writer is a fun listen.

The CEO of Cinnabon has an interesting background and works super hard.

A collection of Donna GIFS for Parks and Rec fans

My beloved Street published this very important feature on mental illness and college.

Just discovered Carlye’s blog and it is hysterical. I love the name: Awkward City.

Hoping for more exciting updates next time. Until then, my sugar free jello and I salute you.

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