No Struggle, No Strength

(Title obviously borrowed from Oprah: Where there’s no struggle, there’s no strength)

This is a completely melodramatic post but today was really stressful and I wanted to share with my twitfam. Basically, I realized I have to change around my schedule a bunch because my history class that I thought met twice a week actually has been meeting three times a week. The third time is all about literature from the period of history we’re studying and even though it’s with a different professor and different readings and listed separately, you still have to go for the class. The class is at Ditella which takes me an hour to get to each way and I just can’t go three times a week. It also reminds me of middle school in the worst way with big groups of Argentines blocking the hallways to flirt with each other. The third meeting is also during another one of my classes. Such a struggle.

This information was rough to hear but even worse because I couldn’t do anything about immediately. I had registered for another history class at Ditella in case I needed it but yesterday I sent an email to the academic coordinator that I wasn’t taking it (cause I thought this class was set). As soon as I found out about day 3, I knew I would have to switch. BUT because I don’t have a phone/wifi enabled device, I had to travel from Ditella to the IFSA office, where I could use a computer and talk to someone, all while beyond nervous. I didn’t have any music to listen to and calm down and of course it seemed like the bus and subway took forever and a day (it did take over an hour). I’m a fix-it please right now kind of person and every minute away from the computer felt like torture. All of my patience lessons flew out the window and I just scowled on the subway chewing gum and willing us to pull into the station. Once I got to the IFSA office, I realized the class I want to take still coincides with another class: my class on Argentine women that I really like!! I just had it yesterday and I still really like it. I didn’t even have time to fully deal with it because I had to buy photocopies for another class, do reading, and eat lunch (some of the lettuce in my salad was brown because it was one of those days). Then I had class for two hours (it’s now 4 pm) and everything was still unresolved. I went back to the IFSA office and explained the situation. They were remarkably unsympathetic and told me that I could take a different IFSA class instead of the Argentine women class (TEARS) so I could stay in either history class (I’ve missed a ton of both of them, of course). Then, when I asked which class I could switch into they said I was in some position to be asking what my options were. Rudeness never helps! They also made a face when I explained I didn’t want to spend 6 hours a week traveling for one class that includes literature when I am already enrolled in a literature class and just generally made me feel like shit. I’m still enrolled in both classes but I’d much rather do the once a week one (it’s on 20th century history and post colonialism) but I need to see if it’s okay that I missed, ya know, the first three weeks of class. Hoping for mercy here.

Needless to say, this is all incredibly frustrating and 100% the worst part of this program: we have so many options and so little guidance. None of the universities have an add period (it’s just drop) so you’re locked into the limited number of classes you choose during the second week.

Rant, over. Thanks for listening! I have real things to post about (I met a cousin of mine who lives in Argentina! I read some good books!) but I’m saving that for after dinner.

If reading this made you incredibly frustrated, here’s a fun video of Taylor Swift singing with Tegan and Sara. It made me feel better.

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