Happier Updates

Hey twitfam.

After an episode of the OC, a manicure, and a lovely salad that had quinoa in it (Rita is killin’ the salad game this week), I’m feeling a lot better and all prepped to give you some more updates.

Last night, I had dinner with a cousin of mine who lives here. Before last month, I had no idea I had cousins here. He’s related to me by marriage (his grandfather and my third cousin by marriage were cousins) and some parts of the family fled the Ukraine area for Argentina, some for America. My cousin Sarah who studied here a few years ago put me in touch with Edgardo and we had emailed a little bit. He was on vacation when I got here so we were finally both free last night. He lives really close to me and came to pick me up in the car. I had only spoken to him via email and he used the plural a lot so I thought I was meeting an older couple. It was instead a single guy in his thirties who works for Pepsi in finance and drives a nice car (an automatic, rare here). His parents live nearby and I’ll hopefully meet them soon but it was just us last night. Therefore, I was put in the position that my dad and cousin Teal often face: people weren’t sure what we were and stared a lot. Argentine social norms made a date possible which was so funny. We went to a really nice restaurant (Italian food including fresh pasta and fruit salad topped with lemon gelato) and asked a lot of getting to know you questions so I’m sure that confused people further. He was so nice and it’s just so incredible that the Jewish diaspora means I have a cousin living a few blocks away from me! We talked about politics and what soft drinks are popular in our respective countries (he does work for Pepsi) and he bought me wine but didn’t have any because he was driving. Great addition to my known family and hopefully I’ll see him and the rest of his family soon!

My family is also coming to visit on Monday and I’m turning 20 that day. SO EXCITED I can’t even believe it! I can’t wait to show them around and also get to the parts of the city I haven’t seen yet. I haven’t seen my sister friend since June so you can bet our reunion will rock.

I also wanted to share this instagram from the trip to Iguazu. Pretty much sums up omnibus times. I also read Visit from the Goon Squad on the bus and started Bel Canto. Haven’t finished Bel Canto yet but highly recommend Egan’s book. You can see all the books I’m reading this semester in the goodreads widget on the side of the page.Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 10.09.40 PM

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