Stolen Objects

Today both my iphone and ipad were stolen from my zipped bag at a restaurant in the middle of the day. I didn’t see it happen nor did any of my 9 dining companions. So adept were these thieves that they rezipped my bag and I didn’t even notice the items were missing until I had walked back to the IFSA office for a class. Unreal. I’m really upset to not have my things and also feel dumb for putting my bag on the ground instead of on my lap. I’m also really grateful because of the many students who have been robbed so far, many have had it worse. Some people have been robbed at gunpoint and I heard of one person who was beaten outside her house. Some people lost their whole bags and I emerged with my wallet, keys, and local cell phone. It could have been way, way worse. I will miss my iphone especially because I use it for instagram, music, a flashlight (there’s no light on my apartment stairs), and as a map/restaurant finder with foursquare. Also snapchat and imessage and emails in coffee shops. It will all be missed. Luckily, we have an extra ipod touch in our house so my parents are going to bring that to me when they come at the end of the month and I will guard it with my life. Until then, this blog is going to be way less photogenic but hopefully the prose will keep you all here.

Other things that are happening:

The restaurant at which the theft happened was a vegetarian restaurant that Mario and Daniel, two staff members who are/were vegetarian took all of us vegetarians to. It was really nice to talk to them about food in Argentina and just more general stuff. I also got along with the other vegetarian girls and it was nice to meet the ones I didn’t know. Tomorrow is primary day for the national elections in October and political activity has stepped up. I’ve seen vans decked out with banners and speakers singing political jingles driving up and down the main streets and there are so many people with leaflets in the streets. People are so over Christina (or they love her more than anything) so it will be interesting to see how things are tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone for your concern about my items! I’m really glad to be safe and grateful to have people who care and worry about me! xoxo

2 thoughts on “Stolen Objects

  1. So glad you are safe and weren’t hurt..that is the most important thing. Bummer those dirty rats got your things, but they are replaceable and you aren’t. Be safe! Love you!

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