Quick Links

Some fun internet things:

My mom wrote an amazing letter to the editor in the New York Times. We talk about this all the time in my house and I’m so proud of her. Bonus: She wrote this part toot, but it got cut:  My daughters (17 and 20) are quite convinced that the NYT has no interest in treating women and men equally in its pages. Sadly, the paper has just given them further evidence of the bias against women.

The Seven Minute Workout Timer is great for people living in foreign cities who haven’t found gyms yet because they are booked all week and gyms are closed on sundays (hey) or just anyone busy.

This article about a man who fell, hard for a Castillian town is a good read.

If you have access to a kitchen this weekend, the Amateur Gourmet breakfast recipe roundup is worth a peek. Also, I’m jealous!

One more I just found: this nyt interactive for farmer’s market recipes is awesome!

What have you been reading this week? Send me links!

One thought on “Quick Links

  1. Love all your helpful hints/websites today. Can’t wait to give them a try. Proud of our mom too! Love you and miss you!

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