Forget FOMO, have fun: Weekend in DC

College rocks. There, I said it. I’m obsessed with my school, the city it’s in (Philly, hey), and the friends I’ve met there. So deciding to leave campus for a weekend to spend time in DC with one of my best friends was kind of a big deal. In the days before my trip, I got worried. Kristin Gillibrand was coming to speak while I was gone, I was invited to a cool dinner party. But I went, had an amazing time, and am here to advocate for fighting your FOMO (fear of missing out) and branching out.

I hadn’t been to DC since I was in 8th grade. My family and I did the obligatory monument tours and it was kind of meh. I didn’t have the historical knowledge to really benefit from the visits and I saw the city as a political center and not much more. Well, I was wrong.

Here’s what Julia and I did:

I took Amtrak down and was reminded by the train conductor to vote and be kind to one another. Classic DC. Amtrak also tweeted me so yay social media.

Ate brunch at Kramer Books and Afterwords, a bookstore/bar/cafe with really good brunch. The place is kind of classic DC, right in Dupont Circle, a kind of nerdy cool, the place where you could buy a book, sip some wine, feel all DC.

Fish tacos are a nice welcome to the district.
Julia loved her crab cake!

Ate cupcakes, the official dessert of DC. There are cupcakes everywhere in this town. Georgetown gets the hype but we enjoyed the cupcakes at Hello Cupcake. They satisfied my weeklong cupcake craving and gave me a taste of DC. The carrot and nutella flavors were awesome.



Met Julia’s awesome friends and headed out on adventure that included a trip to the National Zoo, Senegalese Food (because it’s always good to try something new), and walks through lots of neighborhoods. Adams Morgan was really cool.

one fierce cheetah


Fun facts at the zoo bathroom?

Also, the West African food we tried was SO good. There were great sauces, hearty dishes, lots of vegetarian and meat options and a fun atmosphere.

We had a fun night out which was a chance to see nightlife at another school. Julia’s friends were also really welcoming and funny.

I really liked DC and want to find my way back there, maybe this spring or summer. College is amazing but it’s time to give something different a chance, even for a weekend.

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