Babel and New Beginnings

Today, Babel, the second album from Mumford and Sons came out! I preordered it and got an email to download it at 11:34 last night. The album fueled me through a few more hours of paperwriting and I love it so much. This article from The Atlantic does a really good job of explaining how the band has changed this time around (they’re more skilled as musicians but less raw). I think the songs are very good but as with Sigh No More, it will take more than a few listens to see which ones have that emotional punch, as the lyrics aren’t always the first things you get. I do miss the super raw “White Blank Page” but I know that I will fall in love with some of the songs on this album. And listen to it a whole lot.

What do you think of Babel?

In other music news:

Taylor Swift has a new single, Begin Again, that is so lovely and lyrical. It’s a great complement to “We are never getting back together” and I may be listening to it a lot.

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