It’s Time: Organize your Makeup Drawer

As I packed to head back to school, I realized one thing: my makeup drawer was a mess. A huge mess. I had lipgloss from seventh grade, unopened items, empty things, very old mascara and just a lot of wasted space. I devoted a couple of hours to organizing and want to share the system I used. It’s easy, cheap, and made packing way easier. It also saves you money to know exactly what you have.

Ground rules:

  • Take everything out and clean the bottom of your drawer.  Mine had some unfortunate glitter eyeshadow spilled on the bottom.
  • Find humor in the old makeup. I found the eyeshadow palate I wore to my bat mitzvah. It was mildly horrifying but hilarious.
  • Throw out any mascara that’s over a year old. This is worth it. Eye infections are gross.
  • If there’s stuff you never use, make a note to not buy it again. Duh.
  • Sort out your samples and little travel sized items. My fun use for them is below.

Here’s what I did:

Clean out your entire drawer.

Use shoeboxes or shoebox lids for organization based on the part of face. Skin products get their own box (pick a pretty one). Eye products, due to their small size, get a lid. Lip products get an open cosmetics case. Stack palates to save space.

I was surprised by the number of unopened products I had and will definitely use things more efficiently. I have two of lots of things because I bring stuff to school and this made packing way easier!

Middle school lipgloss collection! 
Edited and organized
One for home, one for school
The final, organized product. Skin, Lips, Eyes, Extras, Palates, Tools

Bonus tip: Make a samples box. I have tons of free samples from shopping at sephora, gift sets, travelling, etc. Usually I forget all about them and they just clutter everything up. As I organized my drawer, I gathered all my samples and created a sample box. My new rule is to try a new sample every time you’re a little bit bored getting ready. If you wouldn’t want to use the sample again, throw it out. If you like it, use it again. Samples, especially little perfume or lotion ones, are great for stocking stuffers (and the jewish equivalent) or travel. I love my little shoebox of samples and can’t wait to explore it.

Happy organizing readers! How do you keep your beauty products organized? Do you have stuff you haven’t used in years?

P.S. I’ll post my favorite makeup brands in an upcoming post. I have lots of suggestions.

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