Worth a Thousand Words

I just ordered a bunch of pictures to hang on my apartment walls. I leave for school in a week and it’s one of those last minute items that makes a big difference. I have a bunch of framed pictures from last year that I haven’t touched all summer. I’ll bring all of those and a few new frames. I don’t think I’ll swap any of the framed pictures, unless there’s some egregious example of a person I have not stayed in touch with. I think my group is pretty consistent, although there are a lot of new friends in this year’s batch. Having pictures on your wall not only makes a dorm room/apartment feel more like home but also fills up vast amounts of wall space. Since rules are pretty strict against nails and real art can be expensive, pictures are a great way to decorate. I also like to use stationary I’ve received, postcards from places I’ve visited, and tickets and playbills from memorable nights as wall decor. I also grab a bunch of strips from photobooths. They’re really fun to hang by a desk and always candid and tinged with happy memories.


I order prints from CVS and they’re very cheap. I can pick them up the next day at my neighborhood cvs and the website is really easy to work with. You just make an album for the occasion (college year two) and can choose sizes, crop, and order. I’ll be picking up my pictures in under 24 hours. Facebook is a great spot to find pictures but the quality isn’t so great. If you’re planning to frame the picture, ask your friend to email you the original file. For just hanging on the wall, a little fuzziness is okay, especially if you plan to rotate your photos.


I framed a couple of items this summer: a picture of my sorority pledge class from bid day and a piece of art my friend brought me back from Argentina. My best framing advice is to find coupons to local craft stores (you can find them online, in the paper, or by signing up for the email list). We had a 40% off coupon for Michaels, so we headed to the store after measuring the items. We found the frames, put the work in and were done (one of them was a little tricky because the size was really unusual so we had to rematte it). All of this took place in early July.

Little outings like this aren’t stressful or time consuming but they are the things that get neglected when packing at the last minute. If you take care of little details that will make your home away from home a better place to live early on, you will be much happier once you move. Fact.

Some favorite frames are below. In most cases, a cheap black frame works perfectly well, especially on a wall. The colorful ones are fun to top a bookshelf or dresser though.

Anthropologie Chevron: (the product picture is crooked, I would never post something so lopsided…)


Anthropologie Black: (also crooked)


A recycled keyboard option from Amazon: I have one like this and it’s so much fun!


Michaels has so many options for walls! I like this one if you want to showcase three related photos, just ignore the creepy stock photo.


Tip: If your dorm or apartment prohibits nails, this tape works wonders: Scotch 3M mounting tape! It held up my bulletin board for an entire school year last year. Everyone in my hall borrowed it for their hanging needs and it was a hit! They sell it at CVS, target, pretty much anywhere.

If you still need to fill wallspace, search etsy for some fun prints. Read about my favorite ones here.

Happy decorating!

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