Mini Vacation

I’m going to visit a friend at Cornell this weekend. I’ve never seen the campus and I’m very excited to see how it differs from my own. I also can’t wait to meet her friends! Listening to stories about someone’s life is WAY better once you know all the parties.

I’ll be back next  Monday but I wanted to leave with some tidbits.

1) You should absolutely eat at Hundred Acres in Soho if you can. It had great, Southern style food, and a trendy but unpretentious atmopshere. People were definitely trendy, but there wasn’t an attitude. Also the food was southern is a sleek way, with lots of local produce and lots of options for sharing. The fried chicken was amazing. The chocolate cookie pie was to die for. My favorite dish was a flatbread with goat cheese, basil, and very thinly sliced zucchini!

2) It’s been raining on and off here so I wanted to share a picture I took i Dumbo right before a torrential downpour.

Have a great weekend! I have some recipes and other fun stuff for next week!


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